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Poet, journalist and teacher, Louise Hale was born and raised in Bow, east London.


She is very proud of her east end roots and what it bestowed on her. ​

Here’s her story in her own words. 


“Writing and storytelling has always been in my bones. Lived narrative and storytelling is built into a cockney’s DNA.  I have always been stimulated by the power of everyday stories and the unsung heroes who defy the odds and triumph.

I started writing in diaries called Jude at the tender age of 9 and poetry at the age of 13.


At 14, I had my first poem published in 'The Star-Laden Sky'- an anthology by The International Library of Poetry, after I saw an ad in a fanzine. I remember getting an invite through the post to the open amateur contest and I dreamed of flying off on a jet plane to attend it.

I started writing in diaries at the tender age of 9 and poetry at the age of 13. Little did I know it would be a key outlet that helped me manage traumatic childhood experiences.  I even called my diaries Jude.



Growing up in multi-cultural Tower Hamlets propelled my appreciation of diversity to new heights. I grew up there on the brink of the 1990s regeneration and I was involved in raising its profile through local journalism.

I climbed on to the journalism print run at the tender age of 17, after volunteering on my local rag East End Life. I spent over a decade in the media.


My desire to communicate and shine a light on the plight of the working-class folk fuelled my love of words. Reaching out to grafters felt second nature to me because I was one of them.


My passion for writing saw me fight off stiff competition for a New International bursary and the media giant funded my journalism course.

In return I volunteered for The Sun and The News of the World. 

My Journalism took me far and wide working for East End Life, The Camden Gazette, The Richmond and Twickenham Times and several freelance gigs with nationals including The Guardian, The Times and The Evening Standard.


I will always be forever grateful for the journey it took me and the knowledge it granted me.

Having travelled the world quite extensively, this also continues to fuel my creativity and inspiration.


I finally found the courage to enter spoken word in 2020 during the first Covid Lockdown and have never looked back. I penned several poems and started performing them on Instagram lives.

Positive feedback flooded in, and I got invited to perform on live zooms and at open mic events for Trouble Tongues, JustMoetry,  BYOB Poetry and Hammer and Tongue.

Louise Hale.jpg

I was recently selected as one of ten winners on The WordSpokenPodcast and featured on People’s Poetry Podcast.  


I am currently working on a psycho-education storybook for bereaved children and plan to publish a poetry Pamplet.

If you would like to commission me for a creative project or poetry/ journalism work please fill in the contact sheet or touch base ai social media. 

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